Already Authorised


As a directly authorised firm your existing processes, including the payments you receive from providers, will be unaffected by joining threesixty.

If you are currently with a ‘support services provider’ you simply need to serve notice and start with us once that notice period has finished.

If your firm has no current support, access to our services is immediate upon completion of the relevant contract.

It’s a very simple process;

1. Talk to us

Either give us a call or leave us your details by clicking here and completing our short enquiry form. We’ll arrange a meeting for you with one of our relationship mangers so you can openly discuss the needs of your business.

2. Complete a contract

Once we have established the right solutions for your firm; we will present you with a bespoke contract.

3. Resign from current ‘support service provider’

4. We will notify product providers


Product providers will be informed  to pay all commission to your firms existing bank account and apply our own threesixty commission enhancements.

5. Enjoy the many benefits which threesixty provide

From the agreed start date you will begin to enjoy the many benefits which threesixty provide. As you will already hold your own agencies you need not change them or set up new ones. We simply instruct the product providers to uplift your commission to the threesixty rate.


To make an appointment click here or call 08707 360 360


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