Whilst threesixty provide plenty of technical seminars, we also offer a number of workshops and courses through third party specialists designed to sharpen up your skills as a financial planner. Below is summary of some of the available upcoming courses.

First Meeting Training Days, Manchester and Bristol £164.17 plus VAT

These are highly practical, role play oriented sessions led by threesixty clients Steve Martin and Damien Rylett. Manchester is 17th May, Bristol 18th May.

A well-structured and planned first meeting will ensure that you can “win” more of the right clients every time. Once the foundations of a good structure are in place, you can build on the necessary skills to be even more successful.

For more details regarding these training days including how to book, click here

NextGen Foundation Course for Aspiring Financial Planners £750 plus VAT for all 4 workshops

A series of four workshops designed specifically for new and aspiring financial planners, available at a discounted cost of £750 plus VAT to threesixty clients. Places are still available at the Manchester workshops starting 7th September.

For more details, including how to book, click here

NextGen Conference £175 plus VAT

A full day event designed specifically around the challenges new and aspiring planners face in their career. NextGen have a number of high profile speakers lined up to discuss subjects such as:

•  The advancing role of technology in advice and client communication
•  How advisers can buy into their own businesses and succeed their bosses
•  What’s required for financial advice to become a profession
•  How have other industries overcome these problems

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Interpersonal Skills Workshops £225 plus VAT

This one-day intensive master class for financial advisers, will show how you can use powerful interpersonal skills and techniques used by professional coaches to improve your clients’ and your understanding of their goals and motivation, connect with your clients on a deeper rational and emotional level, and build strong rapport and trusted relationships.

For more details including the course agenda, click here

Supervisor course £225 plus VAT

The Supervisor Course is relevant to individuals who are already in a supervisory role, are fairly new to the role, and those contemplating becoming a Supervisor. The course is a full day interactive event and aims to develop and demonstrate the key skills required by the FCA to supervise and develop staff performance and to be able to independently assess and develop key skills and benchmark these against industry best practice.

An understanding of the different behaviours and styles a Supervisor should display and being able to deliver feedback in an effective way will be explored during the Supervisor Course. Occasionally there will be situations when Supervisors encounter difficult conversations. The Supervisor Course will look at situations where these have not gone to plan and how they can be best managed.

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