Mortgage Credit Directive Support The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) was fully implemented in the UK on 21st March 2016 and involved a number of changes to the way firms conduct mortgage business. Firms involved in the mortgage market should therefore have by now reviewed all procedures related to conducting mortgage business to ensure these comply with new MCD requirements. Through our working with firms we are aware of some firms who may have not yet reviewed all relevant procedures and may therefore not be fully compliant with the new requirements. It is important where you are active in the mortgage market that you ensure you are fully compliant with all changes introduced by the MCD. In the lead up to the implementation of the MCD we provided various tools including: MCD project planner (provides a summary of key changes and can be used as a checklist to confirm areas reviewed) MCD FAQs (covers some of the frequent questions sent to our compliance helpdesk on MCD related areas) MCD powerpoint presentation (can be used to update your staff on changes) MCD test ( to help assess your staff understanding of MCD) All of the above continues to be available in one place under EU Directive: The Mortgage Credit Directive. We will be keeping the above available until end of September after which it will need to be archived. Note that all other guidance and documents on our website have been updated to meet the MCD requirements. 27 June 2016, Wendy Rothwell